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How To Take Care Of Leather Furniture

Take Care Of Leather Furniture

Everyone loves to dress up their homes nowadays. From the latest dining room sets to matching curtains and even ornate wall sconces, people love to invest in furnishings that amp up the style and ambience of their place. Add plush and luxurious-looking leather furniture along with these, and you have got yourself a place that’s fit for a King to live!

However, one of the most important aspects of home decor revolves around the maintenance of furniture. The popularity of websites like are a clear testament to the fact that people take the upkeep of their homes and furnishings quite seriously, and are ready to do all it takes to bring up the value of their property.

A Tale Of Scratches, Stretches and Stains recently published an article on why people are ready to invest their time and effort, and even money, on maintaining the overall look of their households. A spot of rust on the door handles, a spill on the carpet or even a pencil-mark on the freshly painted wall- these are enough to drive most house-proud residents over the edge!

However, nothing irks people more than troubles that plague leather furniture! Many people despair at the very thought of having to bid adieu to such a wonderful piece of furniture, all because of such problems.

Is There A Way Out?
Yes! With just a few simple steps and precautions, you can solve most of the troubles that plague leather furniture.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can minimize the damage.

Oops! There’s A Spill!
It’s quite common for people to spill water, juice and even coffee while sitting on a leather sofa. The trick to minimizing the damage caused by such spills is to act fast! Don’t procrastinate and leave the cleaning up of such messes to a later time. Wipe up the spill quickly, taking care to find each drop of the liquid, and allow the leather to dry naturally.

Oops! There’s A Scratch!
Yes, one of the main disadvantages of leather furniture is that even the slightest of scratches tend to show up clearly. The minute you catch a sight of these, don’t panic. Simply use your finger to gently rub the scratches. The natural oils present on your fingers is enough to smoothen it out. However, for tougher scratch marks, try using furniture polishes and natural oils.

Oh Dear! It’s All Stretched Out!
Unlike other sofas, leather sofas quickly adapt to the way we sit, making it hugely comfy! However, the flip side is that at times, it might be stretched to a point from which it is unable to come back into its own natural shape, making it look all worn-out! When this happens, don’t worry and contemplate replacing it. Simply use a blow dryer! Heat up the stretched portion, and then let it cool back into its natural shape!

Leather furnishings are a trademark of style and class. So, make sure to take care of it, so as to maintain the glossy finish.